Emotionally intelligent accountants

Emotionally intelligent accountants

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About You

You deserve the best support possible for your business, so we'll only work with you if we're confident we can provide it.
We get the best results for a certain type of person, but we just can't provide the service we want to for some others.
So here's a guide to help you decide if we are right for each other.

Sunshine Forecast

    You want more than someone to "do my accounts." You want a relationship with a team that will go the extra mile for you.
    You're open about the business and what you want to achieve.
    You've built some momentum with the business and are ready to take it even further.
    You want an adviser who believes in you, someone by your side who cares about you as well as your business.
    You're open to working with online accounting software that helps you see how the business is performing in real time and saves you time.

Rain Clouds Ahead

    You usually leave everything to the last minute and never prepare, so everything you want is always urgent!
    You just want the basic service, for the lowest possible fee.
    You know you have unrealistic expectations, but that's how you keep your "suppliers" on their toes.
    You have all the answers you need. Your mind is closed to exploring the further potential in the business.  
    You're committed to doing things the way you've always done them. You resist new technology even if it can save you time and money.