Emotionally intelligent accountants

Emotionally intelligent accountants

Running your own business needn't be the loneliest job in the world

It doesn’t matter if you work alone, or you have a team in the hundreds
Nothing prepares you for the loss of connection when you go it alone

One of the biggest surprises of running your own business is the loss of connection. The connection you took for granted as an employee.
Family and friends can raise a glass with your successes. But do they understand the significance and effort you’ve put in? When you hit a bump in the road, do they understand how it leaves you feeling?

How it impacts your business

It's not just the emotional toil either. It's difficult to weigh up new ideas without a sounding board. Brainstorming doesn't work with just the one brain!
When you do fall behind or know you are not reaching your potential, who's there to help get you back on track?

But what if?

If you did have the emotional support and business experience by your side, what could you achieve? 
Imagine someone who cared about you and your success and had a wealth of business experience.  
Ed described it as like, "having a big brother giving you guidance."
Monica thinks every client is treated "with love and care."


Someone who believes in you when doubt sets in.Someone you can pick the phone up to when you're unsure which direction to take.Someone you could count on in a crisis, say a global pandemic!
More than emotional support
It's commercial guidance with up-to-date information on how your business is performing.
So together, we monitor and improve the key numbers in the business that drive your bank balance, and income.
We won't let you drift - Every 3 months we'll hop on Zoom to chart your progress and keep you accountable
That's how you can take advantage of opportunities before they pass you by. And see potential problems in time to take action and avoid them!
Business success isn't all about hard work. Find out how far you can go with the right team behind you.
Click the button below now. We'll meet with you, no fee, and help you explore your potential.  

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If you had a magic wand....

........what's the single, biggest problem in your business?40-minute business surgery session: You talk, we listen, then together we'll review your options no fee & no sales pitch
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