Emotionally intelligent accountants

Emotionally intelligent accountants

Our culture 

Advoco accountants Weymouth people first

You first...

...the business second. You spend so much time working on your business it's easy to forget it's only a vehicle to create a better lifestyle for you and your loved ones.
Accountants don't help much either when all they talk about is the numbers. That's why we'll always focus on you first. We talk through the lifestyle and retirement you want and work backwards to focus the business on delivering it for you.

  • Advoco accountants Weymouth David Scadden

    "We turnover £1.3m, and every year we have grown and I would say our growth is largely down to Alan.
    Alan truly understands the human factors and the dynamics and the relationships. He knows there's a lot more to running a business than looking after the balance sheet.
    He has a genuine interest in our well-being. He cares for us and looks after us, he's always there for us. He gives us reassurance about the family and the business. 
    Team Advoco are so important to us, right beside us holding our hand when we need our handheld........providing that extra sensitive human touch."

    David Scadden, Director of SBS Group

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The right people

It starts by recruiting people based on their character, values and personalities.
We want the right people on the bus, but just as importantly, we want to keep the wrong people out. That's why we take so much time and consideration in choosing the people to join our team.
But we all know that having great people, with the right values is only the beginning. That's why we invest in them, listen to them and try to create an environment they can all thrive in.
We believe our people need to feel valued and understood to work to their potential and help you to achieve yours.

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    “I think Alan is probably the nicest man in business in Weymouth, that I know. He’s just, he's a lovely chap. But also that support below Alan as well, through the team, he has some amazing people working for him up there, who bend over backwards for you.
    If you take Alan out of the equation, Ella has been incredible, for me. She's there at the end of the phone, it doesn't matter if it's in hours, out of hours, you can message her, email her, she always replies. She is absolutely outstanding, she's an absolute credit to Alan and team Advoco.
    As is Jacky and everybody, they're a great bunch of people, they really are. Sometimes I feel guilty and I say, “Would you like me to do anything?”
    Their support over the last year and God knows how many before, has just been exceptional, and I can't thank them enough.”

    Brett Dunster, Director of PCS

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We know how difficult it is share your worries and concerns. You don't want to burden your family and loved ones with business problems.
That's why we are there for you when doubts creep in. 
But every problem and situation is different according to how it applies to the individual. So we try our best to listen hard and check our understanding before responding. It's not as easy as it sounds. Especially when you've heard similar questions before.
But if we don't sit on our hands and explore your situation with you, the chances are we'll address the symptoms, not root cause of the problem.

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    "When Alan was talking to one of his team he'd say, "Go off to Cormac's shop. See his shop. See what his business is like. It will help you to do a better job for him."
    "The guys down there know what the shop is like. A lot of them are customers here."

    Cormac Linehan, Director ofThe Pet Experience

Our values

A lot of businesses will tell you all about their values.
They'll set out a long list of virtues, yet it doesn't take long to see they behave entirely differently!
We don't think you can pick and choose your values, they show up in how you behave. That's why, whatever claims we make here, the best way to judge us is by listening to what our clients say.
But to keep us on track we do strive to build a certain culture. It starts with our people. If we don't care for them and look after them, they're unlikely to care for you.

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