Client testimonials

“Running your own business can be a scary undertaking, you need someone with expertise who is always on your side - that’s Advoco in the person of Alan Rodgers and the wonderful the awesome Sharon Dennett, (Alan is awesome too but Sharon is who I deal with on a day-to-day basis). Anything that seems scary that is HMRC related, (and that means almost everything), Sharon is always there to reassure me and deal with it if necessary and I mean ALWAYS.Finding the right accountant is the most important thing you’ll do after deciding to run your own business.  I found the right accountant."  IS IT Consultant

“It seems to be a rare quality in business these days to find such support and will not be forgotten”  -  RR
“Thank you ever so much Helen you are a diamond” – SB
“Thank you so much for your input.  You’re the best” - DT

“Please thank John for all his work, it is greatly appreciated” – RT

“We are so lucky to have somebody like you who we can rely upon and refer customers to knowing that they will be looked after so well” – MJ

“Happy New Year and thanks for all your support last year” - NB

"Thanks again for your help and patience, it is thoroughly appreciated by both of us, and thank you to everyone at Advoco not only just over the last twelve months, but also just for working the way you do and having such a great team of people with you. I couldn’t imagine working with any other accountancy firm, you are all amazing and always there to help and that means so much."   – NK

"Just paid your bill.  Worth every penny." – IS

"Please thank Wendy.  She is always incredibly helpful when I call!" - L.C.

“Your such proactive accountants its really refreshing!” - KR

“Sharon supports me with my accountancy needs.  I absolutely adore working with her as she is so responsive, conscientious, friendly and understanding.  This coupled with the fact she always gives me the facts I need, in the required time frame and in a clear and a manner which is easy for me to process and learn from.  I can’t see myself ever using another person or company and I recommend her all the time!”    -  EFK